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The Battle of Britain Airshow-2019

Duxford Imperial War Museum, known for its beautiful collection of vintage aircraft and for the air shows, such as The Duxford Air Festival, The Flying Legends in July and the Daks over Duxford event. But let's talk about the season-end of a beautiful season in Duxford, The Battle of Britain Airshow 2019. RAF Duxford was a part of the scenery for the filming of The Battle of Britain film. Also, at the opener of Th...

Total 24h@Spa Francorchamps 2019

The Total 24 Hours of Spa came to life as the battle reached its final hours, with racing resuming in exciting style after a lengthy stoppage due to heavy rain at the Belgian circuit. The event was under red flag conditions from 05.40 onwards, but with the rain abating as the morning progressed the cars rolled off pit lane at 11.15. After circulating behind the safety car for two laps they went racing again with five and a half hours l...

The Royal International Air Tattoo 2019

I have to admit that if your last visit to the Air Tattoo was about 8 years ago, well a lot has changed in that time... good or bad... I don't know! One thing I know for sure was that the weather wasn’t great. Once again we had a grey sky, wind and pale light. The opener of the Air Tattoo on Sunday was The Air Combat Command F-16 Viper Demonstration Team from the 20th Fighter Wing of the US Air Force. Pilot Major John ’Rain’ Waters took...

Flying Legends 2019

Under a grey sky, the 2019 edition of the Flying Legends-75 D-Day started with a Scramble-Scramble. This was the term used for the very young pilot’s running to their aircraft to get airborne as quickly as possible to face the enemy..... very few returned. This scramble was beautifully revived during the opening of the Flying Legends with a Spitfire Scramble of nine Spitfire's performing tail-chases and fly-past for the audience, which...

RNAS Yeovilton 2019

Well..... if you no longer have faith in your weather App, I can understand that, especially when it promises nice and sunny weather above Yeovilton Naval Base...... but in fact you have grey skies and pale light! That is the reason why they give us photographers the nickname "the complainers”. So under these, not ideal conditions, we start the International Air Day 2019 with the Whirlwind HAR10, operated by Historic Helicopters. This o...

The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

The Goodwood Festival of Speed edition 2019 with themes as ‘Speed Kings – Motorsport’s Record Breakers’ and it centered around those in motorsport who push themselves and their machines to the very limit and beyond. Nobody was faster in the past than Nick Heidfeld's in his McLaren MP4/13, with a time of 41.6sec.... but this year Romain Dumas managed a new record time at Goodwood Festival of Speed in 39.9s in his Volkswagens ID.R and tak...

Spa Summer Classic 2019

“The nicest track in the world”; this is the tag line used by Spa-Francorchamps to publicise itself ... and few would disagree. The legendary track in the Ardennes hills is arguably the most popular track for drivers and fans alike, as well as being the most beautiful and adored by the thousands of spectators who go every year. The Belgian temple of speed will host the gathering of classic sports cars in The Spa Summer Classic 2019. ...

The Cosford Airshow 2019

After a few days of heavy rain, RAF Cosford Airshow 2019 was ready to present a brilliant program and this, under a beautiful blue sky and bright sun. However, we as photographers, had our work cut out for us and had to fight with backlight and pale light. This was our one and only opportunity with it being the RAF’s only official airshow, the Cosford Airshow. A tradition for opening the RAF Cosford Airshow was th...

Duxford Air Festival 2019

Duxford Imperial War Museum, known for its beautiful collection of vintage aircraft and for the air shows, such as The Flying Legends in July , The Battle of Britain in September and the  upcoming Daks over Duxford event on June 4 and 5. But let's talk about the opening Airshow of the Imperial War Museum. the Duxford Air Festival 2019.Opener of the show was for the multi-rol Typhoon FGR4 from 29 Squadron at RAF Coningsby, The Typhoon FGR4 is a...

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